Social Studies

1. Be one of the explorers and tell the story from their perspective
2. Groups of students tell their version of what happened during a historical event.
3. Compare and contrast current events to historical events.
4. Develop a story about a decade or a region of the world. Conduct mock interviews of people from that time or region.
5. Meet our community
6. Important people that have shaped our community, town, state or country.
7. What is it like to live here?
8. Create a commercial that sells your town, region or state.
9 Create a digital story about your school, town or state to share with another school.
10. Re-create a historical event.
11. Record a news broadcast from a time in history or report about a current event.
12. Create a PSA

1. Explain the significance of an invention and how it is important to others.
2. How have simple machines changed the world?
3. Tell the story of an animal from their point of view.
4. How have animals adapted?
5. Explain the parts of an atom or plant. Explain a scientific process.

Language Arts