Common Core Standards - LA - Writing Topic Resources



  • The ability to write logical arguments based on substantive claims, sound reasoning, and relevant evidence is a cornerstone of the writing standards, with opinion writing—a basic form of argument—extending down into the earliest grades.

The New York Times Opinion Section

The New York Times Student Opinion Section
  • For ages 13+

The New York Times - Room for Debate

Tween Tribune or Teen Tribune
Grades 5-12

Tween Tribune and Teen Tribune are bringing the worlds news and events to the classroom. Every day they post the most compelling, relevant and interesting news for teens and tweens. The Stories are selected by teens and tweens working closely with professional journalists. Students are provided with the opportunity to comment on these stories. They can also submit their own stories and photos. Teachers have the ability to create a class account. Once the class account is created the students can register with the site and join the class.

Teachers who create a class page that provides the teacher with the following access:
  • The stories your class has commented upon
  • Individual comments by each student, on his or her own page
  • All comments by your students, in one report that can be sorted by students’ names, comments, or dates
  • You can moderate, edit, or delete your students’ comments before they’re published.

Classroom Integration – Ideas
  • Activities on Tween/Teen tribune meet class requirements for Reading, Writing and Computer Technology.
  • Students may be asked to pick a controversial story and post a comment that expresses their views on the topic. They may also be asked to select a comment that offers a view they disagree with. They can then be charged with writing a comment that refutes the comment with specific facts.
  • Assign topics based on the subject you teach. If you teach art have students read articles pertaining to art. If you teach science have them select science articles. The articles and responses can be conversation starters in the classroom. They may also be used to activate prior knowledge before a new lesson is introduced.
  • Students may publish their own stories, book reviews, newscasts, opinions or class news for the world to view and comment on. Remember, all comments are moderated by the teacher before going live.