Free Web 2.0 Sites to Create and Publish Digital Stories

Digital Story Creation

Story Jumper
  • Grade Level - 2 to 12
  • Create page turning story books. This site offers free teacher accounts that allow you to create managed accounts for each of your students. Students select scenes, characters, props and text to add to their story. The stories are viewable online or can be purchased as a hard cover children book.
  • Classroom Integration Ideas
    • Have students publish their written stories or create new ones from scratch. Older students may create stories that will be used to instruct younger students on a topic. This can be used for all types of writing. The easy to use user interface provides students with an opportunity to develop their creativit.
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Story Bird
  • Grade Level 2 -12
  • Create page turning storybooks to showcase student writing. Students will select a collection of artist paintings. They will construct a story using the artists work as the illustrations.
  • The site is free and very easy to use.
  • Classroom Integration Ideas
    • This is a great site for teaching expository writing. It can also be used to practice picture prompts or creative writing.
The Elephants of Exit Five on Storybird

Little Bird Tales

  • Grade Level - K-8
  • Creating online storybooks. The students may use the online drawing tools to draw characters and backgrounds.
  • Import images from the web, a camera or your own drawings.
  • Use the drawing tools to draw over your imported images. (Ex:.Import an image of the beach and draw your character sitting in the sand)
  • Record narration for each picture with the click of a button.
  • Classroom Management
    • Teacher accounts and free. Setup a class for free with student usernames and passwords that you assign and manage.
    • Import student accounts using Excel. No email address required for students.
    • All stories are private until the teacher decides if they should be public.

Photo Story 3
  • Grade Level - K-3(Teacher Managed Story Creation) 4-12(Student Managed Story Creation)
  • This free stand alone program from Microsoft for Windows XP offers a convenient way to create impressive multi-media slide shows with digital images. The step-by-step and wizard-driven process for creating slide-shows is straightforward and extremely easy to use. You simply import the photos or other images that you wish to use, then add text, special effects, audio narration, transitions, and music as appropriate.
  • There are two features of Photo Story 3 that stand out. First, there is the way the program pans each image to bring it to life and add dramatic effect. Then there is the music. You can import sound clips and/or record narration to accompany your show. Or, you can use Photo Story 3 to “create” your own musical sound track from a wide range of instrumentation, styles and moods. I’m not a musician, let alone a composer, so I’m really impressed with this.

Animoto - -

Turn your photos & videos into movies. Animoto automatically produces beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video pieces from your photos, video clips and music. Fast, free and shockingly easy. The free version only allows for 30 second recordings.

Get a free Educator Account that allows for unlimited student and teacher movies here

The teacher account allows for the creation of full length videos and the creation of student accounts.

Grade level - 4-12
  • One of a growing number of online applications that facilitate the creative sharing of digital images. Mixbook is different than most because of its book-like format, and because of its convenient options for including text. With this application, you can create books of up to at least 100 pages. Mixbooks can be created and shared online for free, but with Mixbook you also have the option of purchasing a hard copy of your book. Paper Mixbooks can now be shipped anywhere in the world.
  • I believe there are many occasions in the “classroom” when it would be powerfully motivating to be working toward the creation of an actual book. I think this might be especially appropriate for collaborative projects involving either entire classes or small groups. For example, a class might like to work together to create a “year in review” book, a special report on a class field trip, or even an anthology of student poetry.

  • For classroom use, I think it is especially helpful that any Mixbook page may contain images and/or text. Pages may contain only text, only images, or almost any imaginable combination of text and images. This allows for tremendous flexibility in presenting projects of all kinds.

Mixbook - Create Beautiful Photo Books and Scrapbooks! | View Sample Photo Books | Create your own Photo Book

Myths and Legends - With Story Creator 2

A free site for online digital storytelling / book creation. A teacher can create student accounts and monitor them. The site contains backgrounds, characters and props to add to your story.
Click Here to View Sample Stories -
Click Here for the Story Creator Two Teacher Area -
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Word Tamer

Students move through an interactive carnival of literary devices. They learn about characters, settings and developing a plot. They organize words that they develop for their stories. There are video clips along the way that help them understand the role of characters, setting and plot in their stories. This is a great UDL resource to develop writing skills.

Social Network Profiles
Grade 4-12

This interactive tool from Read Write Think allows students to create an online social network profile. The profile might describe a character from a story, a historical figure or a scientist. The website provides a number of lessons that are organized by grade level.
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Facebook Profile
Grades 6-12

Use this Google Docs template to have your students create a complete Facebook Profile for any character, historical figure or person of interest.

Paper Slide Videos
Grade 3-12
Presented by Dennis Grice
How to Do it :

Help students learn by making them the teacher. Students put in groups of 3-4 and given a concept to teach using paper slides (pre-historic PowerPoint) and FlipCams. Videos are then uploaded and posted online for other student to use for study and review.

Positive and Negative Slope by Larry, Blake, and Sandra (Youtube)
Multiplying by 11 by Claudia, Melanie, Patty, & Kim (Youtube)
Positive and Negative Slope by Greg, Cheryl, and Jesse (Youtube)
Fractions to Decimals Using Powers of 10 by Epic 10’s (Youtube)
Fractions to Decimals Using Powers of 10 by Epic 10’s (



Grades 1-12
Create a 3D Pop-up story book.There are options for free accounts and reasonably priced teacher accounts that allow for classroom management and individual student account management.

Windows Movie Maker -
This software is a part of MS windows. It allows for the editing and compiling of video clips to create a movie. You can also add images, narration, music, transitions and effects

Upload a picture of a frontal view of a face, mark the key points of the mouth, and record the audio. It creates a simple animation of the mouth moving to the sound of the voice. Example: Student uploads a picture of Abe Lincoln and recites a speech or conducts an interview.

Glogster - -
Tell your story through a digital poster. Import image, audio, video, or link from YouTube, URL, etc. Tools also for recording audio/video. Create "glogs" or posters with media, text tools, frames for media, layer media. Large canvas (often too big to embed in blog)

Please visit my Glogster Wiki Page for Samples, Rubrics, Tutorials and other info. -

Stupeflix - -
Create a movie online and share it from your browser. No sign-up required. This is a great tool for students to use at home.

My Story Maker - -
Carnegie library offers this flash based animated digital Story tool. Great for K-3.

Voki - - This site allows for the creation of a talking avatar. You can select from a variety of avatars or make your own. Students or teachers may record narration for the avatar by either typing text, speaking in a microphone or calling it in on a phone. The avatar can be embedded in a website, blog, or wiki. This is a very creative way to engage students, deliver content and develop oral assessments.

Comic Strip Creation

The following are comic strip creation sites that are free to use and do not require student registration.

Grades 2-12
Toondoo is a free service that allows for the creation, saving and sharing of comics. An email address is required to sign up for an account. The free service does not allow for classroom management. Students must create individual accounts. Students could use a free temporary email address to create their account.


Grades 4-12
Students can easily create comics with images from Flickr and the addition of speech bubbles.

Make Beliefs Comics
Grades 3-12
Make Beliefs Comics allows students to select from a set of characters to make their comics. Upon completion the students may print or email the final comics. This site does not require registration, but it also does not allow you to save your comics.

Marvel Super Hero Comic
Grades 3-12
This site allows students to create a comic strip or book based on Marvel Super Heros

Interactive Comic Creator Tool - Read Write Think
Grades 2-12
This easy to use interactive allows students to make up to a 6 frame comic. The comic can be printed but not saved.

Write Comics
Grades 3-12
This is a very easy to use comic creator. Registration is not required. You just select backgrounds, characters and speech bubbles. Your comic is made available via a link.