What is Digital Storytelling?

Digital storytelling is a new form of publishing for students. A typical narrative can be transformed into a multimedia presentation. Typically, a digital story contains some or all of the following:

1. Narration
2. Images
3. Video
4. Text
5. Music

How is this a useful learning tool?

Students will utilize and develop the following skills:

1. Research Skills
2. Writing Skills
3. Organization Skills
4. Technology Skills
5. Presentation Skills
6. Interview Skills
7. Interpersonal Skills

Why should we introduce this to students?

1. It is an authentic experience for students to write for an audience besides the teacher.
2. It is an alternative form of expression and assessment for students.
3. Students will be engaged in the writing process. They will develop an excitement for writing.
4. Students will develop and express creativity and design skills which are two key skills in the 21st century.
5. This is a medium that students are familiar with.
6. Multimedia publishing on the internet is the future of publishing. We are teaching our students to write and publish using a medium that will be their future.
7. This project meets the NJCCS for technology 8.1.
8 Digital Storytelling, the process of publishing and sharing creates better writers. Students are more critical of their own work when they know they have an audience. They also become more critical of their own writing when they hear it spoken.

Direct Feedback From The Classroom:

1. Students who publish their writing as digital stories are engaged. They are excited about the writing process. The fact that they know they will be publishing their work for an audience outside of their classroom is very exciting to students.
2. Students who create digital stories become better writers. When they narrate their stories they become better listeners. They tend to proofread their work and make appropriate corrections when they listen to their own writing. Students work to refine their writing because of the audience they expect to publish their work for.
3. There is a high level of excitement for students when they view their stories online and share them with family and friends.
4. Digital Storytelling develops a life long love of writing.